World of Warcraft downloading slow.

I was downloading World of Warcraft through WINE but it downloads at about 256kb per minute, and my regular download speed peaks at around 1024kb/s. It also takes up al my processing speed. Any help?               Thanks,                      SPH92

Are you talking about recent

Are you talking about recent patches? I have same problem with windows, and it is because patcher is in fact p2p applications and it needs ports to be forwarded. Like i said, i have same problem and solution is pretty easy, setup your firewall and your router to forward ports. Im just to lazy for it and i find it pointless since you download way faster from the websites or ftp's. I always go to wow website and click on support (problem with patcher) and normaly they give you places where u cn download it from directly. (eg. fireplanet)

The actuaal game

I'm talking about the whole game you get when you get the trial.

possible solution

i found this because i was having the same problem and was researching answers. i found a solution that worked for me, on the bliz downloader, go to file preferences and disable peer-to-peer networking. my download of the xpac went from 8 hours to <1 hour. i'm trying to install on ubuntu fiesty fawn using wine if that helps.