Wrong Adds

Rather weird on a GNU/Linux site to see adds for buying Windows under the name "related products" it's nice to run adds, which I can imagine you would like to. But try to get some different ones. As LegacyOS adds is rather weird to display on a site which is dedicated to a free (as in beer) non-commercial product like Ubuntu!

made some changes

Unfortunately it's impossible for me to influence that. I can only say show operating systems (which is the topic on this site), but not which of them. In one way commercial operating systems are related, but they are of course of no real interest here. So you're right.

To temper this behaviour I removed this adblock on every page except the home page and replaced it by standard Google Ads. That should be better and hopefully more related to the content.

What do you think, do you like them better now?

p.s.: I tried to keep them small, it's just a single Ad.

Google Adds

Much better indeed those Google adds as they read the content and adjust theirs besides it's now text based.... calmer on my eyes :-P those picture adds hurt at times!