Xserver? Bad Frequency?

Hii just downloaded and installed the latest version, something about a breezy badger? lolanyway, i installed it fine, and i have grub up and working, along with 2 windows partitions, (seens as one in grub, uses ntldr to choose between)i can get into both windows ones, but i cant seem to get into the ubuntu linux one. it loads up all rite, ubuntu screen, lots of stuff loading with OK. then i think it tries to bring up xserver and just dies. i get a bad frequency warning on my monitor.im using a 6600GT and a philips 107E.ive tried editing the xorg.conf, but whatever vsync and horizontal refresh things i put in seem to change nothing.i also tried rebuilding the xorg.conf, and changing the first settings of resolutions i saw to only have 680X400 or something similiar (the default one that all monitors should support.ive tried looking for the manual but cant find it,not at home or online, only set vsync settings on what i have seen on product sites (lies?)also this monitor runs at 1280x1024 at 60Hz in windows xp 64bit, and i think it said it could go to 100Hz at 800x600, so it should work inside Linux!