You guys are amazing! :)

First of all, I wanted to thank all the people on these boards. The help here appears to be amazing. It is so refreshing coming from a Windows back ground to a community of people so willing to help, but not only that, but FRIENDLY to boot.I deffinitely think I am going in the right direction here, so I will try to articulate my question as best as I can, as to not deter you from other posters more "serious" questions. Oh, and I'd like to apologize in advance, as I am sure somewhere in these forums this is probably mentioned, feel free to link me to the article if this question has been asked. I saw a few that were close, but I am not quite sure if they are exactly what I am looking for.Ok to cut out the chit chat, this is my ordeal.I just installed Ubuntu (Dapper Drake) along side my windows xp NTFS partition. I am having trouble getting back into my Windows partition, when it goes to the loading screen of Windows my system reboots (hopefully I didn't destroy my windows partition creating this one, haha.. the joys of learning). I believe my issue is that I need to remount my windows paritition, unfortunately I am unaware as to how to do this. This is where any help you guys may have in command line.. errr Terminal ;) (if this is possible).Many, many thanks in advance!humbly yours, Alex

safe mode

Try starting Windows in safe mode by pressing F8 key during startup. Once in Windows, run "msconfig" (start menu, run, enter "msconfig") You have several choices there. Try diagnostic startup to identify the problem. If you choose selective startup, then go to the startup tab of msconfig and deselect unnecessary programs. If that doesn't work, you may be able to do a repair install using your Windows installation disk. Repair install will preserve your data.

More info has a repair sequence. Note that the final step will rewrite your boot sector and probably make it so you can't boot into dapper. In that case you need to use a repair disk such as Powerquest Bootmagic to find all OS installed. Or insert your Ubuntu disk and reboot. At startup select the rescue or repair option.